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IDS Africa

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Who we are

IDS Africa is an Innovative Marketing Research, Data Collection and Business Consulting Firm driven by innovative minded professionals who are self-assured to provide innovative solutions to clients in African markets.

Our Experience

Our professional proficiency spans over 30 years, and we have served various clients across Consumer, Business-to-Business Markets and Opinion Leaders in different industries.

Why Us

We deliver more than our clients expect from us. Professionalism, Use of Innovative Research Models and Techniques, High awareness of our clients’ needs, Passion for Client’s Business Development, Involvement of Experienced and Senior Personnel, Quality and Proper Project Management & Planning, and so much more.

What we offer

Brand Usage

We investigate all aspects of the relationship between consumers and product, service or market. It is only by understanding the consumers' needs and what they are doing and why, that you can deliver the right products and services to them in the right place at the right time.

Advertising Test

At IDS we help in gathering your customer’s ideas and preferences that can assist you in creating a persuasive advert. We track the effectiveness of advertising and promotional campaigns for a new or existing brand or services. We also access changes in consumer awareness and usage of brand.

Branding Solutions

Understanding how you and your competitors are perceived in the market has profound implications for the development of your marketing strategy. Seeing your business through the market's eyes and measuring their awareness of you leads to sustained competitive advantage.

Market Tracking

Business advantage specializes in providing solutions to strategic business challenges. Our unique blend of in-depth industry knowledge, consulting skills and practical marketing and management experience enables us to provide a fresh and incisive approach.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most common form of market research in business-to-business markets and is often connected to quality and production measurement. At IDS our concern is to make sure that clients have first-hand information that will assist them in satisfying their customer needs.

New Product Development

IDS collect quantitative and qualitative responses of your consumers to a new concept you are developing. We can assist you with the new product development by building surveys that clearly represent your ideas and measuring potential customers’ responses to these ideas.

We create custom projects through tailored solutions

Transforming ideas into quality products and solutions!

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